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Tax Planning

“With the ever-changing rules and regulations, it is now more important to make sure you have a proper tax planning in page.”

Are you using all the tax savings resources at your disposal? Create a legacy with your wealth with the help of an experienced financial advisor in Baltimore County. Simplify your tax preparation, time your expenses and plan for your post-work tax requirements the right way with Legacy Consulting.

Explore Tax Saving Strategies

A financial consultation gives you the resources and dedicated team you need to make your money work for you. Use one or more of our tax services to direct your estate, plan for retirement and continue to build wealth:

  • Tax planning
  • Preparation for tax season
  • Timing of purchases and income for maximum tax efficiency
  • Retirement tax strategies

These services are designed to work with your overall financial planning strategy. Work with our team at Legacy Consulting to build your wealth without paying unnecessary taxes.

Nurture Your Wealth With Post-Work Tax Planning

Tax preparation doesn’t end when your work years do. Don’t let unexpected tax requirements and additional payments delay your post-work plans or diminish your legacy. Work with a local advisor who understands your post-work goals and has your estate’s best interests in mind.

Find Answers to Tax Problems With Our Team

Contact an advisor at Legacy Consulting today. Find the tax planning answers you need to set a course for a comfortable, successful retirement.

Services Provided

Individual Tax Preparation

Corporate Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Pickup

Delivery Service

Small Business Accounting

Estate 706



IRS Correspondence

Asset Inventory

Cost Basis Analysis

Estate Administration Assistance